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Hi everyone,


Was wondering if anyone had some different ideas to spice independent reading jobs? Currently, independent groups have a range of ativities thet can choose - games on the IWB, a range of books - read and draw fav picture and a sentence to explain, matching pics and captions, words to read and make using cubes with sounds on them...


Any more ideas would be very much appreciated.



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Depends on the abilities of the children - sentence substitution (letters and sounds game) - last years class of higher abilities enjoyed these working in pairs, but this years class aren't ready for this yet. Word cards and play dough - make the words with playdough/letter stampers in playdough. Magnetic fish with words on - catch the fish and read the word. Letter balls in the water tray - vowels written in red, consonants in black - fish for 3 letters, two black and one red - can they make a word, can they make two words (pat and tap).


Are these any good?

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