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Literacy Observation- Please Help!


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Hi everyone,


I am being observed doing a Literacy session this week with my class of 30 Reception. There is just me and a TA. The observer likes to see them all doing something with me on the carpet and then them all going to do something related in groups. These activities can be play, although for obs she likes it quite directed and them all making some progress towards LO.


I thought of maybe doing something on a story so Learning Objective could be something like- To retell the story using different methods. Then group work could be differentiated with stuff such as-


painting/collaging characters

making puppets from story

Sticking pictures of story in order

Telling story into tape recorder or camera

Acting out story with props


I would then bring them together at the end to put their work together. Does this sound ok? It's difficult as the children in my class find it hard to stay on task without us to guide them a bit and we will be stuck with our own groups.


On a usual day, I would be doing my group work and the children would be choosing what they do which could be from a different area of learning with no specific goal. They want to see more formal for obs.


Does anyone have any other ideas or any fantastic books that they have used? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thank youx

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First, I dont really think it is fair or appropriate for you to be expected to deliver your lesson in any way that is not what you normally do. How will the children do their best in this way?

However, if that is what you are supposed to do, then you need to try to fulfil the criteria but should you get any repercussions about your independent activities and children's interactions then you need to make sure your observer appreciates that this is outside the expected.


Second, I would make your learning objective" to retell stories". The different ways that you ask the children to interact with the story is your differentiation. Your activities otherwise are appropriate and I think you may be able to pull this off if you think carefully about what you are asking the children to do both alone and with you and your TA to enhance their interaction. I think I would also have some of your other activities available.


Good Luck.

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i agreed with changing your l.o. I thnik it sounds a really nice idea and you should do a story that you feel good with x

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I was observed las yr for my nqt observation in reception with 27 children. I did the three billy goats gruff. We read the story together as a class the day before. The next day when i was being observed I asked the class to sit in a circle. I chose children to be the main charachters. The rest of the class made the sound effects such as trip trip, and whos that walking on my bridge. The class loved it, and my obsevrer was impressed how everyone was joining. in. For the group activities, my lower ability did role play-I gave them a mat on the floor with a scenario picture on the mat. They then used stickle bricks to make the billy goats and the troll. Then they role played. The middle ability were describing the different characters int he story, and the higher ability were doing speech bubles work independently on what the characters were saying in the story. The plenary we showed good examples of work.



Hope this helps.

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