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Planning For Under 2's?


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I have to prepare some planning, indoors and out for under 2's in my placement and not quite sure where to start on this! I am thinking about:

mark-making with things such as gloop/paint/sticks in soil or thin layers of sand, or tea leaves etc

offering things such as cones,pasta, rice etc to spoon from one pot to another;

sand and water messy play outside,plus puddle play for the walkers

paddling pool full of leaves?

stacking play with small boxes

a treasure basket with a variety of different resources, perhaps themed, but more concerned to offer the basket in this case!

sound boxes and smell boxes to stimulate senses, but what smells are safe for babies??

Can anyone who works with this age group please tell me how you plan??


I also want to sort out the observational skills here, most are a little ambiguous, to say the least.....if the children cannot reach the equipment, how can it be said to be 'child-inititated play', yet the staff note it as exactly that? so, want to show that the children can choose and be interested in the toys they choose themselves ( which they will, because I'm moving some of the toys, and have provided storage for this to happen).Also I need to get some mention of the child's development in there, right now, no-one seems to have written down things such as 'Kayleigh pulled herself up by the sofa today' or that Freddie turned over by himself, those kinds of important observations that show developmental norms.It is all based around H ate his yogurt at lunch and had some sips of water.Great info if we need to know how much they're eating and drinking, but it doesn't say if H ate that yogurt by himself, or if he tried to gabble to the staff while he was being fed, etc........I know I'm rambling, but I want to get this right!!

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The activities sound great.


As you get settled (and you can inspire the staff to improve the quality of their observations!) you will be able to base ideas on the childrens' interests.


I think self-selection is really important, as it allows children freedom, choice and also the activities they devise will be ones that suit their own needs at the time - i.e. they may tip everything out of the boxes and then get in the box, or climb up the empty shelves.... If the furniture really isn't suitable, then you could take photographs of the resources and then laminate them and display them so that children could point? I think that it can still be classified as child-intiated if the child has somehow asked for a particular resource.

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