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Interview Activity - Please Help?


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I have an interview in a Reception class next week and I have been asked to teach a lesson of my choice. Arghhh?!! I have no clue where to start and Im not sure whether I should go for the usual literacy/numeracy or go in a do something different?


I was thinking about taking in a box filled with objects from my own school/current class such as our school mascot/photos etc as a starting point and maybe setting the interview cass a challenge or a task set by my current class? Not sure where to go with it though and getting my ideas in a muddle!

Please help, it's my first interview in 5 yrs and Im very nervous.

Does anyone have a good activity idea to follow on or something different that went well?

Thanks in advance. :o

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Good Luck.

Be your self, choose something that you enjoy and you will be ok.

Im not sure I would go with literacy or numeracy, can you do something creative? What has worked well with your current class, can you reproduce that?

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