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Any one got any ideas of a display for the reflection area?

As we are a church of england school we have set up a little reflection area for the children........I'm strugling to think of a display....not too heavy for the children to access and understand...


Thank you

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the display around our reflection area generally relates to the RE topic, but I think Im going to go down the route of displaying more 'learning' rather than 'work' so i think i will be altering mine during our latest topic to include photographs, quotes and some CIP 'work' rather than adult led work.

I.e. last term we created crosses using paint and different materials and these are all displayed with the words hope, peace and love but there wasnt enough 'child' or 'learning' displayed really.


Not sure this has helped but thought i could enlighten you into my thinking! LOL!

Lucie x

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Guest Spiral

Just a thought, but I once made a display with the children. I used an old branch, which I managed to attach to the wall. We then get the children to stick a star of the bottom of a piece of silver ribbon, to reflect a happy wish or thought and I tied the ribbon to the branches.. Looked really pretty and the children loved it.


Taking it further, you could link it to the children's home lives and also see if mums/dads and siblings would like to a add a 'thought'?



Best of luck,



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