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Please Help Water/ Sand Progression!


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Well we have our gorgeous new unit after living in one classroom (44 children and 4 teachers) since september!!!!!


We are now realising that our resources are not up to scratch....particularly in the water, sand, playdough area.....can you tell me what you put into these areas to make sure there is progression from nursery??


Please help....money to spend and want to spend it on useful resources...... I MUST SHOW PROGRESSION!!!!


Thank you :)

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I will move this into the Schools part of the forum for you.


I may be speaking complete nonsense but I'm not quite sure why you would need different resources necessarily. It would be more about the way the children use the resources I would have thought. :o

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Guest Spiral

Have pinched a picture from a webiste here, but you could consider making/buying the water drainpipe boards like these;




Just a thought.


Also, agree with Beau. Can the children come up with some ideas? May be worth providing an example or two and asking them to further the process?



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