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Help Need Ideas For Reception Timetable!


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Hello FS people!!


Please help me! Im a reception teacher on the edge!!!! lol

Firstly ofsted slated me for being too formal and not giving the children enough opportunity to make choices about their learning!


So i made changes!!!


Then a recent PER slated me for having too much choice and not enough focused activities and not getting the balance right!!!


Does anybody out there have the magic formula???


Would be very grateful for any advice or details how you manage you day in reception to ensure the 'balance'



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I am still trying to get my timetable right! But what I attempt to do is the following:


start the day with a carpet session which usually sets up the learning for that day. Then 1 adult delivers the adult led task with 1 group and then rotates so by the end of the morning (and often into the afternoon) all children will have completed the task. All other children are initiating their own learning (choosing) and usually free flow with inside/outside. The other adult/adults observe, extend, question, model etc the children engaging in CI play. I do phonics before lunch. The afternoons are freer and consist of short topic based carpet session, and then topic activities which are structured in the same way as the morning but may spread over more than one day. I also have 2 PE lessons and 1 cricle time session. I ensure there is a balance of the curriculum areas over the week.


Hope that makes sense! Good luck! I had ofsted in december and they seemed happy with this. xx

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Hi Andrea


Welcome to the forum and I hope you will be able to find some help and comfort here form others in similar situations.


I noticed that there are several other topics of a similar vein here so if you have a few minutes it may be worth flicking through some of them


Best of luck



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