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i work in a playgroup and we have just decided to make books for children to take home, or to take with then when they leave to go to nursery/school. thinking of taking picture of their first day with us, pictures that they have drawn. any ideas what else can we put in them



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annotated photos play a huge part of our learning journeys although we don't include every photo as that would cost a fortune in printing so parents have a CD of all photos when their child leaves the setting.

Our 'All About Me' begins the Learning Journeys along with an Initial Observation completed by KP. We also include post-it notes, Learning Stories (our time for focussed observations on child) and if Parents complete a Parents Story (a simplified version for parents to observe their children), we have a format for recording children's interests on a weekly basis so include that as that links strongly to our photos, we have started to do a 'wow wall' so are including the contributions from parents/carers, along with any significant creative work/mark making they do. At the end of our Learning Journeys are the children's Tracking Documents. Some settings include CD's of auditory observations/videos too.

Our LJ's are used by and for practitioners, parents and other professionals alike so we include everything however if you are just creating it for parents you may not include as much information, also it depends on how much time you and your staff will have to manage the documents- our staff pride in the ongoing documents but we get paid to update them if its not done within a session

Hope all that helps and I haven't overloaded you! We have slowly built up the range of info in our LJ's but if you and your staff are just beginning to document learning in such a format it will probably be easier to start off with, say, just photographs and build up from there

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