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Observation Sheets And Timetables


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Can't believe how quickly these holidays have gone!!!! Had so much planned and running out of time :o


Next term I would like to expand our observation sheets and timetables. We currently use sticky labels to write our obs on and stick them onto A4 sheets (labeled with the 6 areas of learning). They do not show where the children are at the moment and what the next steps are.

Also want to revamp our weekly timetable. We have a table with days of the week across the top and sections down the side of page (eg playdough, craft, sand and water etc) and we write what needs to be put out according to children's likes and requests.


Would anyone have some examples they would be prepared to share. Don't quite know where to start at the moment. We are a pack away pre-school.


Thank you all you good people


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hi thanks for sharing I am pack away too.


do you have a completed version


re development matters would that include a learning intention

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On the observation sheet the development matter section relates to the evidence seen in the observation, and we record the area(s) of learning which was/were most prominent in the observation, and the age band which the child is working confidently in. The next steps then cover the, well next steps (no surprise there then eh?). On this form in the EYFS theme boxes we record which of the 16 statements the observation relates to. This is mainly there to keep the staff focused on the fact that the EYFS is not just the ELGs!


On the short term planner the development matters box would be the learning intention if it was a planned in advance activity, and the one most evident if it was an activity which the staff supported. In the ELG section on this we note which area of learning the activity most addresses, and which ELG the children are working towards in the activity, at their own level. We have coded/numbered the ELGs for ease.


Hope that makes sense. I don't have a completed one on the computer and the ones we have hand completed are all at work, but if you have any other questions please ask. Like I say it isn't perfect but it is a start for us.

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