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Hi Can anyone help me out please -

One of my staff had a fantastic morning with unplanned spontaneous wax relief painting - so good that we have made a whole display board of the children's fantastic pictures. I now want to help my colleague label the display using bits and pieces from the EYFS and perhaps what the learning intention could have been (had it been planned if you know what I mean?) however I am struggling to think what we could put - any inventive label ideas either from a science perspective or from the 4 principles to support the display? I want to avoid too much focus on the Creative area of learning as we have a lot of displays with this area covered was hoping to get some KUW if poss?

We've got the title and the obvious EYFS KUW ELG's from the exploration aspect. Hope you can help to inspire us please.

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not sure this is what you want - but my first thought was to talk to the children who have engaged in this activity and maybe put speech bubbles of what they say about it up. Then you will have some links with CLL aspects. This would be better if you had some quotes from the chn as they were doing it.


On the 'Active learning' card it says 'children actively involved in their learning gain a sense of satisfaction from their explorations and investigations'.

or in the requirements for KUW part of it is about undertake practical 'experiments;: and work with a range of materials.

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ok- as this is from a spontaneous activity- don't look at it from "intention" look at it from "outcome"- it may help- say what the children DID learn not what you wanted them to learn


as above- use speech bubbles to illustrate what the children said and then link to the EYFS- you could go word for word from the EYFS but I personally like to make it more "real" for parents.


eg child said "my candles at home have wax but they only go on my birthday cake"

KUW Look closely at similarities,

differences, patterns and change.

or simply

X begins to see that objects can have many uses.

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Lucie - you are a star! Thanks - I did make some notes of some of their comments as part of an obs I was doing - so yes will use the speech bubble & CLL link.


zlw - you too are a star! looking at it from an outcome point of view makes complete sense! Why didn't I think of that???



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