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Supervisors/managers - Who Mentors You In A Committee Run Preschool?


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Just wondering really....am working on my NVQ and reflective practice/CPD unit, and got to thinking. I have been in the role since September, I know the committee are more than happy with me, but I have written a personal development plan for my NVQ, which I will share with the co-chairs, but not being of the 'workforce' I don't think I will really get much from sharing it with them personally if that makes sense. Now I used to be a manager in retail, and obviously had my Area Manager to help in my development, and a HR department to turn to with major staffing issues.


If I wanted to, would I be within my rights to share my personal development plan with my Early Years Advisor? It makes sense to me that she saw it, as she is surely in a position to challenge me and also 'use' me if she felt I had skills I could offer other settings?? Now I am not saying I think I have at this stage, but it is something I'd love to do some way down the line, again from my retail manager background I became a support manager/problem shooting manager that was able to support other stores and challenge them, this is something later down the line I would love to be able to do for the Borough in Early Years.


So anyway, as I said, was just musing really......

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I would say certainly speak to your advisor. We have one at present who is really lovely and would certainly take your request on board and offer good support in that role. I have had others who I wouldn't have even thought of asking! But I guess if you are considering it then you must feel yours might be receptive. As you say it is their role to challenge and support so this would just be another aspect. Let us know how it goes.

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