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I have just signed up to the forum and I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am in the third year of uni and I have been asked to do lit review of an aspect of problem solving. My mind has gone completely blank and i have no clue what area to look into. I am working in a nursery with 3-5 year olds so it needs to relate to this age group.


Tracey xx

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Hi Tracey and welcome.


Im sure someone will come along soon with some more recent knowledge than mine but what is required for a lit review?

There are several new guidance docs out which could help you.

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Hi Tracey and welcome, sorry if this is an obvious question but have you opened up your EYFS and looked at an area you feel more comfortable with? The EY section of National Strategies has lots of links to EYFS additional research documents, plenty of which discuss PSRN and have a bibliography which might point you in a direction you're happy with

Have you tried a simple mind map jotting down all your ideas and thoughts personally on PSRN, that may help start the brain to tick too, to see where your interests/strengths in PSRN lie

I have a hefty DCSF document on a literature review of 'early years learning and development' which has a small section on PSRN and links to literature, think if you just search for it on National Strategies you should find it, perhaps these reference numbers would help though, its by Maria Evangelou, Kathy Sylva and Maria Kyriacou; Mary Wild and Georgina Glenny

Ref: DCSF-RR176

ISBN: 978 1 84775 565 0

Also, what about recent EYFS planning books too? Anita Hughes has wrote a book all about PSRN: here's the amazon link

Hope that helps to get going

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