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I'm Having A Mind Blank


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Hi Everyone


You may have read my earlier post regarding a child development case study on a two year old.

well i have nearly finished my essay but im having a mental bloke. I have to apply my essay to theorists such as Piaget Vygotsky Brunner and so on. I have done work on some of these a long time ago through my NNEB.

I have serached the internet on Piaget and the more I read the more confused I get can anyone point me in the right direction or give me the answer in simple terms???? I just need to know about his theory? any help with any other cognitive and laguage theorists would be a bonuses?


Thank you


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Noam Chomsky is probably the first theorist that comes to mind when thinking about language acquisition


Chomsky theory - LAD- language acquisition device


1. Baby already knows about linguistic rules, as they are born with an innate knowledge of language.


2. The baby hears examples of his/ her native language


3. The linguistic rules help the baby make estimations and presumptions about the language it is hearing.


4. From these estimations and presumption the baby works out grammatical sets of rules. As more language is heard the grammar becomes more and more like adults.




Piaget- Piaget's theories on children learning language is mainly focused around "cognitive development," meaning language is controlled by the development of thinking. If a baby can use sentences involving phrases such as, "more ", "less " it is obvious that the concepts of "more " must have been grasped, before the child uses the phrase in an utternace.



Skinner & Brunner are others you might want to consider

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