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Dpp - Unit 1


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Hi all,


I've just completed the first assignment and am in the process of dotting the i's and crossing the t's! I've spent days knocking down my word count as I was over by nearly 600 words! and I've just had a horrible thought. I was under the impression (though I'm not sure where from!) that E3 (the profile) was included in the appendix and therefore excluded from the word count.


Now, after double checking everything, I can't find anywhere, that it says this. I've checked the question which just says 'include a profile of the child based on the observations in the appendix' and I even asked my tutor to which her response was;


"You only get marks in E3 for what is in the main body of the assignment, within the word count. You could put a long profile in E3, then summarise it in the main part of the assignment, but to be honest you might has well just have the summary."


Which 1, doesn't really answer the question, and 2, confuses me even more! (unless I'm just being thick?)


I'm now panicking because if I do have to put this in the main body of the assignment, not in the appendix, and therefore include it in the word count, I'm screwed!!!!


Please tell me this is not the case



Kelly x :o

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Don't panic Kelly !!

I put E3 in the main body of the assignment, I took it to mean that the observations go in the appendix and are not included in the word count but everything else is. I remember someone saying that you are allowed an extra 10% on your word count. The other option is tell a few little white lies about the number of words on a page!! I don't think they go through and count every word of an assignment although if they did it would explain why it takes them so long to get marked !!

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Hi i did my unit 1 in November, E3 is included but it only needs to be a short introductor type profile.

Also for the word counts you can have an extra 10% and quotes and headings are not included in the word count, I would say as Vicky said a little white lie about the words wouldn't make a diffrence unless your assignment is randomly chosen by external moderation by CACHE in which case they will check them (i know this because we were not told there was a word count when we did unit 1 and i had to re-adjust and re-submit it 2 months later)

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Hi Kelly


I'm also doing Unit 1 and started in January. I've combined E3 & E4 and my word count is over 600. Remember that the observations are not counted in plus E9 Inclusion which we've included in most of the questions therefore it's not on it's own. Also the bibliography is not counted.


Hope its been of help.

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