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15 Hours- Again!


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Hello all and a very Happy Easter to those that celebrate- and for those that don't Happy Holidays!

To business- this week we have been through the mill once again to try to find a way to wade through the giant jelly that is the 15 hour challenge.


I am in a nursery attached to a school and we have the problem re school timetables/siblings etc

The one option that we think we be the best of a serious of bad ones is the 2.5 day e.g. Mon, Tues full time and Wed am then Wed pm, Thurs and Friday fulltime.

This does not adhear to the governments 'little and often' advice but hey ho...


My question to anyone out there that is already opertaing this system is- what are the pitfalls/problems you have had to overcome by implementing the hoours over the 2.5 days?

I would be oh so gratfeful for any advice.

I have started a list of the difficulties to be overcome but would love to hear from anyone who is already implenting thhis type of delivery.

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we offer what you are suggesting but also do all mornings or all afternoons.


the problems might be:


not all parents want this pattern.

some children aren't ready to stay for 6 hours without a sleep or without getting really grumpy!


the handover on wednesday lunchtime would probably be quite fraught with all your children either leaving or arriving at the same time - or would there be a little gap?

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ours works really well and parents seem to like from comments given.


they choose what hrs they want any extra hours charged same as NG rate (this may change with single funding as rate has gone done)


funded children eg 3-4 yr olds


Monday - Thursday 8.50-12.00 or 8.50-12.50 or 9.00-3.00


Friday 8.50-12.00 or 8.50-12.50 pm paperwork



2-3 yr olds


Tues, weds, thurs





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We do 9am to 3.30pm parents can choose from 9 to 12 or 9 to 1pm or 12 to 3.30pm or 1 to 3.30pm or all day 9 to 3.30

once they have used their 15 hours they pay for the rest. We have had to introduce the 15 hrs as well as still do the 12half, so i have some on one some on the other.

Its not proved to be a problem

they have to have the blocks of sessions that we offer

our problem is going to be how much our LA pays us to cover the costs when we can't ask for any more money for those hours.

Still lets see what the election bring first before September

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We're in a preschool next to but independant from a primary school with nursery class (I'm not sure if that's what your setting is though?). We are open 8.45 to 3.30, and parents/carers can choose what's best for them/their children - all morning sessions, all afternoon sessions, some all days when they pay for lunch club, etc. We also offer collection/drop off for the school nursery, (have some children doing all funded sessions with school nursery and paying for sessions with us, others doing funded sessions with us and school nursery).


The school nursery offers 8.30 to 11.30, or 12.30 to 3.30.


We've been doing 15 hours funding since last September and it's worked out ok, we also take 2 year olds but only offer them up to 9 funded hours as we do it sessionally, and can offer up to 3 X 3hour sessions (or more if they pay).

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