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what about discussing with the children what they know about parties and then follow their lead or failing that


Invites- the children could design their own and then perhaps either pretend to post or actually post them (teaching them about what happens to letters K & U)


plan a party- What do we need to hold a party?


make decorations


make and ice fairy cakes


hold party games


get lots of different sized boxes and loads of cheap wrapping paper and bows and gift tags (make your own) good for physical, and literacy .



you could get the children to send the invite to a relative and invite them in for a party !!!



Hope this helps

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Playdough birthday cakes - put out lots of candles and numbered birthday cards. My kids also love having different materials (pipecleaners, lolly sticks, straws etc) for pretend candles.


Think about other times we celebrate - weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, Diwali and other religious festivals - using the children's ideas of their favourite parties / celebrations. My kids last year used to love role playing getting married!

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