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I was wondering if anyone has experience of setting up a multi agency meeting after receiving a CAF and been appointed as the lead professional. I have set a meeting date and plan to contact all the professionals who are involved with the CAF. I have contacted the parent and will be visiting them next week. I have attended 'core conference meetings' beofre, in these meetings they have a chair person and someone to take the minutes, each person also has a reserved name place and each take it in turns to talk about the child/family. The chair person is able to bring the meeting back on track and keep to the focus if it wanders off. Is this the same way a multi agency meeting would go ahead, if so, I am fine with that and can plan accordingly for it. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Hello Rosepetal,

I have not been a lead person yet, but in the last few weeks I have just completed the CAF training and in the lead professional training we had to do role play. I had to be the chair!!! What you have just said above was very much what I had to do(was given lots of guidelines)so im sure you are on the right track.unsworth

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