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What Are The Example Of Good Evidence Eyclos


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There is lots of information in Study Guide Part 5, it literally talks you through this - see page 64 and page 73 in particular. There is also a sample EYCLO 2 on page 78/79 which gives examples of the sort of evidence that you could use and how you could write this up - though bear in mind this may not be a perfect example!


Good luck!



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eyclo 6 i used previous obs i used on other eyclos, confidentiality policy, behaviour policy, reflective account on dealing with behaviour, got stuck on 6.4


eyclo2 not too bad everything to do with child protection record logs etc,


eyclo8 no idea where to start any ideas would be grateful.


started to look at tma 8 but finding this one really hard



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For EYCLO 8 I have used things like observations for TMA06, as i was analysing part of my practice

reflective accounts of seeking advice, and advicig others

a link to a website


can't remember much else


I'll be glad when this course is over :o

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