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Hi all,


We are having a creativity week this week in school - we all recieved a suicase of 'things' this morning and have to 'go with it'. We had some green fabric and some jungle animal masks (in nursery). We changed the role-play into a jungle today and the children have written letters to the zoo to send us some animals. Any one any creative ideas for the rest of the week realated to the different areas of learning??


many thanks

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Loads of multi sensory stuff around 'rain forests'.


Get green crepe, hang it from ceiling to make 'vines'.


What animals might we find in the jungle?


Heat in the jungle - dripping water.


Stepping stones - explorers - have to build rope bridge to cross river.


Camping in jungle, making tents.


Animal noises, make 'sound track' of jungle with instruments.


Birds in jungle - bright colours - crafts, art.


Also insects in jungle, bring in some spiders to examine.


Might give this one a go myself seeing as I have so many ideas for it!!

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