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Help Please ... Shared Community Center

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Hi everyone


I would be really grateful for some input on this, albeit i realise a bit time consuming


I have attached a diagram of my setting, there is also an upstairs which isn't shown. Red lines are the fire exits.


We are in a community center which is at times used by other people who use the toilets and kitchen area. This has never been a problem as doors into the main hall where we are situated are kept shut and we escort children to the toilets. Whilst this may not seem perfect we have been there for about 15 years (in those times such things weren't an issue) and we have adapted practice to take into account safety etc. The door between the main hall and the toilets is alarmed as is the main door from the foyer into the main hall.


We are now looking to work towards an accreditation award of practice but it has been highlighted that they are not happy with the procedures that are in place. Inspectors for the accreditation suggested that someone could come in through the second hall, through the corridor and cause a safeguarding issue to us in our room purely because we don't know that they are there ... thus the corridor is the main problem! We have tryed alarming the doors in the corridor but it can't be heard in the hall where we are ... your thoughts please, how else can we cover it. What if we use a latch system on the door between the toilets and the main hall? - presumably this wouldn't have any fire exit issues as there is a fire exit next to the toilets


We are not in a position to tell other users of the second hall that they cannot use the facilities that they pay for such as the toilets and kitchen. Equally we have know-where to move to.


Your suggestions and thoughts would be appreciated - i'm going round in circles but MUST find a resolution .



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What about those locks which mean you can only open the door with a switch from the inside and key code from the outside?

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I don't think I've understood this correctly!

The door between your main hall and the toilets is alarmed, so how do you leave the main hall to go to the toilets with the children?


Is the main problem the fact that you don't know if someone is in that little corridor? Could you insert glass into that door, so that you could check quickly before taking the children to the toilets?


Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick!

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