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Originally posted this as High Scope with no success but realise it may be better known as Plan Do Review.

Does anyone use this in their Reception Class? Any comments/ opinions/ would be gratefully received.

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I think it fits well with FS ethos and would be ideal in reception classrooms. However, its difficult to find out about and to do it in an uninformed way could be detrimental to what was trying to be achieved.

I have visited a High Scope Nursery and was impressed at the children's independence and the learning that took place but it was a skill in itself with the teaching and delivery of the process and not one I could envisage using without training.

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Guest LornaW



I have used the High/Scope principles for many years and when I was in school we took it all the way to Y2.


Susan you are right about needing to know what it is all about and HighScope do three excellent videos on the who;e process.


In Kent lots of schools use Plan/Do/Review and it is about giving children the opportunity to discuss what they are going to work at during child initiated time and then a chance to reflect on their work in child initiiated. Here is what is says in their website


Plan-do-review sequence (planning time, work time, recall time). This three-part sequence is unique to the HighScope Curriculum. It includes a 10- to 15-minute period during which children plan what they want to do during work time (the area to visit, materials to use, and friends to play with); a 45- to 60-minute work time for children to carry out their plans (or shift to new activities that interest them); and another 10- to 15-minute period for reviewing and recalling with an adult and other children what they've done and learned.


It is not about them then having to do this but more about giving them the opportunities to really think ahead and also to refect. I have always found this works really well and the children be=come very good at planning and also at recalling what they did or did not do during childn initiated time.


If you get a chance really look into it!



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