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I want to make some outdoor play boxes for my Reception children. Would really like to do one for Forces and one for Senses. Any ideas of what I could buy to put in them?



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There are LOADS of things you can use, basically anything you use inside plus a few extra. Just a few examples:-


Forces: Balloons and pumps, pulleys, balls, wind-up toys, windmills, yo-yos, kites, slinky...

Senses: mirrors, feely objects, kaleidoscopes, herbs ...


There has been a discussion elsewhere in the forum about sensory things - I'm sure someone clever can point you in the right direction :D

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:o Hi I went on a course a couple of years ago and the lady who ran it, showed us how to make a multi-sensory interest box for indoors and outdoors. She arranged it around a book, for example the book, "Giraffes Can't Dance" and in it there were music tapes/cds all different kinds of music, ie latin, bagpipes, rock and roll etc, portable tape/cd player, percussion instruments, some coloured scarves ie chiffon to extend the response to the different kinds of music, Plastic animals/masks/puppets that represent the jungle animals in the book, wind up clock that makes a tick tock noise, scented playdough for the children to make the animals, man-made fur/skin to represent the animals, paper and pens to draw the different patterns of fur/skin, jungle animal jigsaws, pictures of animals in farms, zoos and natural habitat, non fiction books about jungle animals, camouflage netting, sheets etc to make jungle dens in, animal rhymes for children to join in , etc it could go on.

The best one I did was "Joes cafe" book about a little boy who is left in charge of his sister outdoors but gets carried away making mud pies and cakes with spiders and worms. etc, the box could include, picnic blanket, plastic cups and plates, pots and pans, childrens gardening tools, sand toys, cake tins, pens, pencils, card, stickers, glue to make menu cards, posters, recipe cards and note book for taking orders, you could also have compost, sand, seeds, plastic bugs.

You can easily chose a book and create an interest box around it.

Hope this helps


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