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Hi I am looking for positive images of diversity....are there any ones that can be downloaded for free that anyone knows of?


Also what other resources do you have to support this area except the skin toned dolls??





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Hi Hannah,


on a recent conference I was given a pack called "all equal, all different" which contained:


Six Illustrated Story Books written by disabled people.


The Pillars of Space

Love to Learn Elliott's Story.

Moya and the Elephant Dance

My Dad Uses His Wheelchair

Scarlet's Big Adventure

Zahrah and 'The Place'


Alphabet Book (with finger spelling and Braille letters).

Counting Book with BSL and the Braille System.

Disabled People who made a difference! Forty Five A4 Posters of historical and current disabled people whose lives have made a difference to the world and to society.

Sixteen A3 Posters of Disabled Children in a classroom setting.

A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers


They are available to download here http://www.worldofinclusion.com/resources.htm



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Hi, You can use google images. If you do searches for things like multi-cultural children, inclusion etc there should be lots. You have to be quite specific about what you search for though.


I dont know if its still available online but I have used an image pack from a set of seal/sead resources


If you get nursery world/eye etc there are always some nice posters in there.


I know there is currently mixed feelings about sparkle box but their resources always positively reflect cultural diversity, I especially like the faces playdough mats.


In terms of other ways to show positive images, I have attached a document I use in my support role which should give you lots of ideas. Its important to think about reflecting diversity within each area of your setting rather than just a single collection of resources.


Also think about positive images in books, I have also attached positive book list for you


Growing up global is an excellent book, if you can get your hands on a copy of that


Give me a shout if you need any more info







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Guest jane707

Thank you for sharing those documents Westie, they are useful for childminders as well as group settings :o

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