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Hi all, We are currently using Progress Matters for assessment. However we have come across a problem. We have more children than 42 but we cannot add any more children as the spread sheet only goes up to there. We have tried insert cell, row etc and still the child's details do not come up. We are trying to add the extra children in the 'Add children's names section'. Then when we go into view assessment there is nothing. Aaaaaaahhhhhh. It has us all stumped. Has anyone come across this and how did you resolve it?

Thanks for all your help

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I can't help specifically with your problem, but in this county we have the Worcestershire Pathway Profile that can be filled in online, and this only has space for 30 children.


I just copied the document and put my other children onto the second copy.


I did split the children so that those on the second lot of info were going to be a different cohort into school.


Maybe you could do similar and split them by birthdays?


I am not sure this has been terribly helpful!!!!




It is Monday AGAIN!

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i cant help either but wanted to let you know that we are hasving the same problem. We have added about 40 children and now cant add any more. its so frustrating. We dont want to put the children on in two groups as we were told we would be able to imput all of them in the same chart. If you find a soultion please let us know and i will do the same. Someone help Please!

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i had training on this yesturday!! and you cannot add more than 42, you need to do it in cohorts or rooms etc.


how are you finding working with it? i dont think it is broad enouch, should be split down further imo



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Turns out you can modify the spreadsheet to support as many children as you want. The trick is that column H is 'hidden' on the 'Complete Assessment' page. Using the following steps you can get the spreadsheet to recognise more children in additional cells on the 'Add Children Names' page:


*Select Column F and I in the 'Complete Assesment' page, Right-click and select 'Unhide'. Column H should now be visible.


*If you select one of the names in column H you will see something like =CLEAN('List of Children'!B4) above in the Excel formula entry box (with the litte fx to the left of it). The key is to replicate this all the way down incrementing by one number each time (B4, B5,B6....B98 etc. etc.). The quickest way to do this is to select a bunch of the existing cells in column H (doesn't really matter how many just make sure its more than one!), then grab the square in the bottom-right of the selection box and drag this down as far as you want it to go. (Line 105 will give you space for 100 children. Take note of the number of the last row you used as it will be needed in the step below.)


*Next, still on the 'Complete Assessment' page, select the drop-down box in cell B4 (Under the purple 'Child's name' cell). Then in the Excel menus select the 'Data' tab. Press 'Data Validation' then 'Data Validation' again. A new window will pop up with the 'Settings' tab selected. In here you need to change the information in the 'source' box so the last number is the number of the last row in column H. In this example it reads =$H$6:$H$105 because 105 is the last row we created in column H in the previous step (enough for 100 children). Press O.K.


*Select column G and H, right-click and press 'hide' to remove the columns from view again.


*Fill your new form with more than 42 children! :)


N.B. The above assumes you already know how to add the extra cells to the 'Add Child' page (Nothing fancy is needed here just copy and paste will do) . My husband showed me how to do this so I may not be able to answer any questions if you have trouble doing this yourself. We did this using Excel 2007, other versions of Excel may have the options in different places.

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