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Medium Term Plan (nursery Rhymes)


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Hi there everyone,


Friday night and a chance to catch up, the boyfr out and i'm doing as i please, on FSF so so addictive. Anyway not long now till easter hols & trying to get ahead of myself as getting a first year student in rec for her placement next half term. Just wondering if any of you guys out there have any ideas for nursery rhymes next half term. Given the chance my kids would stick with Humpty Dumpty OR Twinkle Twikle....which is great but want to introduce others such as Sing a song of sixpence that rarely gets sung etc. Would love any ideas on nursery rhymes as a topic.


Hope to hear from you soon





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Have a 'magic bag' inside put objects that would lead to other ryhmes being sung, eg mouse - 3 blind mice, spider - incy wincy etc then take it in turns going round the group of children singing following rhyme and pulling an item out


Magic bag whats inside

somethings in there trying to hide

put your hand in

see what you have found

(child pulls out item)

A MOUSE..... now lets hear the sound

you can ask them what ryhme they can think up to go with a mouse


This is a great idea a we do this with musical instruments, phonic sounds listening games

great for psed and adaptable to the needs of your children

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We did rhymes and tales, lots of fun - although i missed a big chunk bc i was off ill.

we tried to stop humpty breaking and found the best way tp make him a wall

made cards for miss pollys dolly

recorded each other saying/and or acting rhymes with camcorder and tape recorder.

made up new silly rhymes with traditional ones as a focus (changing words)

chn helped to create the rhymes in a story sack fashion ie. incy wincy on string climbing a peice of pipe.

can't remember what else! will look back at planning!

lucie x

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I bury lots of rhyme inspired items in my sand for the children to find and sing. They really enjoy this. I have also used items in a bag as well and again this proved very popular.


Last year my group enjoyed making up new rhymes like 'Hickory Dickory Dable, the mouse ran up the ______' etc.


You could put out masks and costumes to inspire nursery rhyme dressing up and role play.

Put lots of babies in your hamoe corner and sing 'There was an old woman who lived in a shoe'.

Make some glue drizzled and glitter spider webs for Incy Wincy.

Transport water in pails outisde for jack and Jill - put a large container a way away from a large water tray and give the children diferent things to fill up their bucket with and see how much water is left in their bucket by the time they reach the large container.

For 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' we put out a crown and lots of coins for counting / sorting.

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Thankyou all for your great and wonderful ideas, very imaginative indeed. Love the idea of using humpty and ways to prevent him for falling etc. Also Jack and Jill ideas and all the pse activities. . Will be using everything. Thankyou aswell for taking the time to reply.


Misspink xxxx

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Oh my Gosh, I ave just had a look at that northumberland website for nursery rhymes....its EXCELLENT will defo be using that Lorna. Wow tis site is great, and huge thanks to you all again


misspink xxx

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