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Hi everyone,


Just imagine you had a dull outside environment and a pot of money. What would you do?

The space is limited. You have a small shed that is not big enough to store the scooters that you have as well as resources, so is not really accessible for children, you have 2 big trees that you cannot cut down, a nice sandpit, which doubles up as a stage, and a wooden obstacle course. The surfaces consist of concrete and safety felt under and around the sandpit and obstacle course. The entire area is fenced by a brightly coloured fence. The walls are either brickwork or painted white.


I have obviously got some ideas but thought it better to put all our heads together and hear what you all have?


Also in PDR what do you put outside?


I look forward to hearing all your great ideas!!!

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Hi Punto,


Do you children have any ideas?, this could be a really good learning theme for them, to design what they want in the outside area.


Just a thought

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