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I have to plan my first ever assembly as a student teacher and it is to the whole school and parents! :o

Our topic is ‘myself’ so I am planning to do it on that. Can anyone share their ideas on how they have done this – any songs, poems, rhymes you can suggest?

Thank you!

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hi Matilda

Assembly presentation is not my favourite occupation although it does get easier with practise. I remember well the sleepless night before the first one I had to do but it felt really good when it was over! So I empathise with you as a student being asked to do this.

How old are the children involved? Is it a class assembly? Are they used to doing this?


Assuming the answers are reception and yes and yes.

Keep it simple and relevant to the children. They will be looking forward to this. Keep them all involved. Use paintings, rhymes and songs. Perhaps they could hold up a painting of themselves and talk about themselves. you could make graphs of eye colour etc, etc.

The possibilities for this topic are almost endless so have a plan and work to it and dont be afriad to ask for support in school.

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Thanks for your replies. Yes, the children are reception and it is a class assembly. I will have a good think over the weekend and see what I can come up with.


Thanks again.

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