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This is the first time I have posted in the forum although I've often browsed around it! So I hope this is in the right place!

Anyway I'm a FS/KS1 coordinator working in reception and I'm trying to support the Year 1 teacher with planning and delivering a curriculum in Year 1 that obviously meets the requirements of the National Curriculum but will support transition for the children moving to Year 1 from reception. We've been involved in a transition project, which provided lots of good ideas we've tried out! The problem we're having is what the planning should look like. The course we went on didn't really give any guidance on planning, as they said it's very individual to different people. I appreciate this, however we need some guidance as moved away from weekly maths and literacy plans, but now very concerned as OFSTED due any time and need to show that we're covering all these requirements!

Anyway what I'm looking for is any examples of weekly planning for Year 1 that we could look through! Any help very much appreciated!


Thank you

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Year 1 teacher has developed own system of weekly planning, which is more like a weekly timetable detailing each day literacy/numeracy/topic work etc.. But because she's not doing formal literacy and numeracy lessons each morning, need to make sure there's enough literacy and numeracy going on each day. Is there a guideline to how much literacy and numeracy year 1 children should have each day/week?

Any examples of planning would be great!


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