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Ive recently taken up a new job as nursery teacher in a FSU after being in year 2.

Im struggling to fit everything into the morning and Im finding theres no flexibility with the other teacher (FS2)


This is the routine at the min

9-9.15 Children arrive, self register and have CI time


9.15-925 Formal register and days of week/calendar/weather


9.25-10.15 CI time between rooms and outdoor


10.15-10.45 snack time


10.45-11.15 CI time again between rooms and outdoor


11.15 tidy up and home at 11.30


I have 35 children in the nursery and find it hard to fit in stories/some phonics groups and number group. Should I be doing these in nursery or am I trying to do too much?

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It is impossible to fit everything into 2.5 hours! When you extend to 3 hours, it will get easier, I guess :o


I think maybe you are trying to do too much, and I'd question number group and phonics groups for nursery aged children. I would still definitely do story time though, and musical activities.

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do you need to stop for snack, a rolling snack bar where children come and go during child iniated time may help. you could aslo do a singing/music etc time during child inaited free flow as an adult led, the children will come over and jion in if they are interested. i wouldnt be doing too many if any whole group sessions around just numeracy or phonics

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