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Consider how this will affect a child's initial settling in, how they make attachments to "significant" others ( practitioners).

The childs self-esteem, self-identity, sense of security, confidence etc...

Some children who have not bonded well with parents can appear to be very confident and independent yet require support in the above PSE development areas.

Not affey with NVQ requirements, these are just off the top of my head.



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Hi Redhead


It is believed that if the bond between child and parent is strong then this will give the child the confidence to separate from the parent and then go on to form other relationships with other people.


When I did my nvq there was some stuff about 'attachment theories' and theorists (Kagan and John Bowlby) in Penny Tassoni's book 'Early Years Childcare and Education'


The next bit of the question probably refers to the settling in procedure, some of which you may have covered in C5, but talk about exchanging information with the parent as to the child's likes dislikes atc, valuing the parent as the expert when it comes to their child.


Hope this helps :)



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