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I'm trying to find a safeguarding statement that we can have on our display board for parents.

we have a policy but i have been asked to summarise such a detailed thing into a few lines...


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Is this the sort of thing you are looking for? This is what we have


Information parents share with staff will be confidential and not shared with any other agency or individual without their permission. However we have a duty to protect children and in matters of child protection (Children’s act Section 11, 2004). When there is a concern regarding a child’s welfare, it may be necessary to consult with the Children and Families assessment Team before discussing the matter with the parent.

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This is what we used



'As workers at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx we have a responsibility to make sure that children are developing in a safe and secure environment.


Statutory Agencies ( ie Education, Health, Children’s Social Care, Probation, Police and NSPCC) work together using the xxxxxxxxxxxxSafeguarding Children Procedures. The Safeguarding Children Board has representatives from all the above agencies and promotes and monitors the procedures. Whilst we are not a statutory agency we aim to work in a way which provides the same level of protection to children in our care.


If a child is injured in any way while attending our group, then we will always let you know how it has happened. If the injury is serious we will notify you immediately and get the necessary medical treatment. If a child arrives at our group with an injury, it is expected that you will tell us about it. It is normal practice to ask you in any event, especially as most childhood injuries are a normal part of growing up. It is important that workers and you communicate openly about this.


There may be occasions when we have concerns about an injury, we see changes in behaviour, or are concerned that a child is being harmed. As part of our responsibility to keep children safe we must report any concerns of this nature to Children’s Social Care.


The law says that the Children’s Social Care must look into reports of any concerning injury or risk to a child. A decision about who will inform you of this course of action will be made between ourselves and Children’s Social Care. Doctors, Health Visitors, teachers, childminders and nursery nurses all have the same responsibility as ourselves. A leaflet compiled by xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Safeguarding Children’s Board is available which explains their duties and responses, including how they will keep you informed of the process.


Staff member responsible for child protection: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx '


This was adapted from a statement in the county safeguarding procedures



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