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Can anyone please help me! I teach a mixed class 7 summer born Year 1 children who have to cover the same work as the other Year 1 and 2 children in another class and 17 Reception children and I am struggling to organise the day. I have to teach separate subject lessons to cover all the year 1 work which means there is a lot of carpet time and not enough CI. I also struggle with spending time with the children during Ci doing observations etc as I seem to always have to be supporting Year 1s.


Also I am being told that part of every lesson should be outside which I do if I'm being observed but the rest of the time childdren are only outside during CI time. so wou;ld love to know ehat other settings do.





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Have you thought about moving away from seperate subjects and onto more topic based teaching so that you could run projects involving both the reception and year one that are covering the skills both need but which they can access at their own different levels?


Also for literacy and numeracy have you tried only having very short carpet session (shared story, quick mental maths etc) but then delivered the main focus of the lesson within a group guided activity to the year ones whilst the reception are accessing CI provision?


Also I would argue that if you have to spend all your time supporting the year ones then perhaps you need to be looking at whether they are ready for the full year one curriculum. There is a move now towards continuing reception based learning in year one and also to allowing children to learn more independently. They should be doing tasks that they can access independently at least some of the time and also accessing the continuous provision, particularly as they are summer born. Not just as a treat once they have finished work, but actually having sessions or times each week where they just access the continuous provision, perhaps with challenges that they need to complete. You can use this time to observe your reception children and extend their play. There is a lot of discussion about challenges in the year 2 forum here:




I know this is a very quick reply and probably raises more questions than it answers but I didn't want to make it into an essay. Hope it helps a little!

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