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Me again. Does anyone have a detailed deputy manager job description they would be happy to share? I've looked in the Resource Library and the example is very similar to what we already have. What I need are examples of the 'deputy' part being described - not just the leading of the room in the absence of the manager, but examples of what needs to be done on the 'management' side including any managerial responsibilities even when the manager is present. If everyone has the same kind of job description that is in the resource library, it would be very helpful to know that too.


The deputy manager part of our job description reads

1. Assisting with the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage within the setting


2. In the absence of the Manager, over-seeing staffing within the team, ensuring that staffing ratios are appropriate and staff are well deployed.


3. To liaise with Ofsted and other professional bodies as required in the absence of the Manager


The rest of the job description is basically the same as the one in the resource library.


We're a committee run preschool in our own premises and are open school hours and term time only.


Hope you can understand what I am looking for!


Thanks as ever

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Our deputy job description is very specific to our setting after the basics you describe above. For example she handles the petty cash and so this is part of the JD. We basically start with the day to day role which is the same for everyone and then write in any specifictasks the role(s) might involve. Hope that helps a bit.

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Great link, thanks Pam. Devon seems to be a very useful local authority! :o


Would still be interested in knowing how many settings have very specific job descriptions for the deputy and how many have the vaguer PLA-type.

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