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I am calling all eary years practitioners for ideas. Here at Little Acres Nursery we are fed up of the same boring Nursery Rhymes and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for new and exciting songs that the children and staff enjoy singing. Any suggestions would be great xx


Thanks everyone xx

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Like Suer says making up new songs is great and I do it all the time although parents think I am mad :o


But this break have just ordered new CD's they are up beat and fun called KEEPING THE BEAT not all songs are new but the upbeat sounds and boogie is FAB xD can't wait to get back with the children and give them a go. Each Cd was £10 but you can listen first on their website I ordered Sunday afternoon arrive Tuesday morning Great service!!!



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We have a train song that all the children love,


Chant, moving arms like the wheels of a train

Coffee (x4)

Cheese and biscuits,(x4)

Jelly and cream(X4)

Beef and carrots,(x4)

Pate on toast (x4)

Sooooooup!!!! (Pretent to pull the whistle)

Scottiedog that brings back memories it's ages since I have used that, OH! ......thinking about it I think it must 18 years ago!

Anyway... it was fun, I think we had jelly and custard not cream and fish and chips instead of pate and toast, it is a good chant to play about with thank you for reminding me.


We asked parents to write down the rhymes they said at home . We were surprised by the variety that came back, some lovely adaptations with children's names in too. We made them into a book and the the children love knowing who suggested it.

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