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Hi there

Have just had NQT observation and was told my daily intro was too long....it definitely was...20 mins!!! For Nursery children.


please help on cutting this down. Have been told to give children VAK opportunities, include all children and include partner talk. Am really struggling as my target is 10 minutes to also include figuring out the day of the week and how many friends we have at school today!!!


Obviously, this is where I introduce the main focus for the day.........






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I cut out 'day of the week' altogether when I started in Nursery. Previously the morning routine went day of the week, number of the week, shape of the week, what's the weather...and then a whole class carpet activity! Sometimes they were there from 8:55am to 9:40am...bless them. This was bonkers, so by that standard you're doing well at 20 mins!!


I would cut out the day of the week routine, I'm sure it used to be somewhere in the old National Numeracy strategy as a Reception or even yr1 objective so not necessary for Nursery. We do the 'counting how many routine' but that gives daily practice of reciting numbers - always helpful!


For partner talk you could something as quick as tell your partner who isn't here today. Its really helped my children to learn each others names and faces!


It is hard keeping it short, especially when they all want to tell you something.


Sorry not much help but its late!

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