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Just wondered if anyonw has, has seen, know where I can find, a policy for use of CCTV in preschool settings???


I am not talking about the children being filmed during daily activities but we have cameras operating and a tv screen in the main room. The screen shows two outsides areas (front and rear) and inside the entrance. There are no cameras in the main room and children only appear on screen as they enter the building.


Nonethless we need some code of practice/policy - any suggestions welcome!

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At our setting we have a paragraph in our Child Protection policy that says


"The car park, entrances and outside play area of our premises are monitored by CCTV cameras. There are procedures in place to try and prevent inappropriate monitoring of these images. Church staff who monitor the images have been vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau."


We also ask each parent to sign a form giving permission for their child to play in the outside area covered by CCTV monitoring. (I don't think you have this problem from the sound of it though)


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