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Hi everybody, my friend is going fo her first interview in a rec class and she has been asking what questions she might get asked. So i was hoping you could remember your interviews and let me know some things you were asked because my memory is terrible?!

many thanks x x x

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These are some that I've had saved on my computer from years of going to interviews and getting examples from friends who have written them! They are all pre-EYFS but give an idea of what to expect. The bits I've read seem to be still applicable now with EYFS.

Other things that may come up are the Four Themes, inclusion, Every Child Matters, personalised learning - all the key current government stuff. Also need to think about the school's specific interests which could be gleaned from their website, any info they've sent out or from a visit to the school (look at displays in whole school areas); for instance we have an allotment at our school so we threw in a question about how it could be used to develop learning across the six areas last time!


Hope these help:


What their idea of a relevant curriculum is for children in the Foundation Stage.


Ask questions like what books journals have they read lately that has enhanced their practice?


What INSET have they attended that had an effect on how they work?


Given any amount of money how would they set up their classroom?


What role do parents have to play in the education of their children?


How do they deal with children who have challenging behaviour?


How would you manage another adult? Please talk a little about what you believe are the key elements of a relevant curriculum for children in the Reception Class.


Please tell us what you think about using the Foundation Stage Profile to assess and record achievement.... and of any other record-keeping systems you have successfully used in Reception.


How would you anticipate sharing the weekly planning in a Foundation Stage class?


What do you anticipate as difficulties or particular complications in a Reception jobshare, and how do you think we can overcome them?


Given any amount of money how would you set up a Reception classroom or teaching environment ?

How do you deal with children who have challenging behaviour?

What do you consider to be your greatest strengths, in your personal life and in teaching the curriculum ? Weaknesses?


Talk a little about how you have approached the teaching of reading and writing in a Reception Class.


Tell us about how you have/would successfully integrated key Numeracy and Literacy skills into a play-based, child-led Reception classroom.


What role do you think parents have to play in the early education of their children?


How would you support a child who was having difficulties settling into school?


How would you manage another adult?


Talk a little about how you see the role of a teaching assistant in a Reception Class.

How would you use the local and school environments in your teaching?

What classroom management strategies would you use to control the children?

What kind of displays would you mount in the classroom?

If you are offered the job, what kinds of professional training sessions would you like to attend?

What INSET have you attended that has had an effect on how you work?

What do you see as being the current issues in the Foundation Stage?

How would you introduce a topic to your year group?

How would you deal with an awkward pupil/ parent?

How do you encourage achievement?

How do you stimulate enthusiasm?

What issues in education interest you?

What have you done that shows initiative?

What aspects of this job do you consider to be most important?

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