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Recently I become responsible person for planning and planning board.

I like this part of job, but I never had to do planning board myself.


In one off the sites I saw this border with bees on it and saying 'we work like busy bees'. I want to make it to catch parents eyes because some off them just come and collect child and they not very interesting in our plans and things we do with children.

Rather than putting already done border I prefer put up children's work, But I am a bit stuck for ideas.


Can anybody help, PLEASE!

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Hi B!


I hope I've understood you correctly - I'm a bit hard of thinking this afternoon!


Is the purpose of your board to inform parents/carers about what topics you are going to cover, etc? I agree with what you say about parents not always taking notice of information boards at pick up and drop off times. If you had a space on the board for examples of children's work this would help draw attention to your planning information.


We put a topic web for each half term on our welcome board which gives information about what our topic is, the letter sounds of the week, the areas of learning covered and vocabulary we are promoting etc. That way they can check and get ideas for what their children should be bringing in for 'show and tell', what the cooking activity is etc. We also give them a copy of this on their newsletter so they have something to refer to at home.


Perhaps you could make your own border using lining paper which you could cut to shape and decorate with children's painted hand prints (or footprints if you're feeling brave!) or small pictures the children have drawn.


You will probably find that once you have given your board a bit of a 'facelift' the parents/carers will be drawn to it anyway - and children will be proud to show them the decorations they have made!


Hope this helps!



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Hi Maz,

Thanks for your replay. I like idea about giving the copy to a parents.

I will definitely include children's work in it. I already so some pictures from before that looks good and that inspired me.

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We make our own borders by using craft stamps of sponge printing shapes. We print onto large sheets of paper cut into 10cm strips. These can be themed to match your topic. You could even use fruit and vegetables for interesting shapes.

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