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English As Additional Language Dissertation


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I am in my final year of BA(Hons) Childhood Studies and would gladly like your help.


I am doing a dissertation on children with English as an additional language, about

what support they receive or may not receive in early years or primary.


I have attached a questionnaire. I would be grateful if you can answer the questions as fully as possible.


Please do not include school names or personal names. the information will be strictly confidential and only shared with my university.


your hopefully,

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Hi Racquel,


I did look at your questionnaire but it didn't seem particularly relevant to PVI settings with 2 year olds. Are you wanting responses from anyone or did you have a particular age group in mind?

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Hi Beau


It is for anyone to answer, but mainly for schools as some schools receive a grant to suport EAL children.


I currently work in a pre-school with most of our children with EAL and we receive no funding for this. After researching, I found that schools can apply for this grant for children from the age of 5, but it can also be spent on the nursery in the school providing they have good cause.


I have also found out that the grant has not been used effectively in some local authorities. The grant is supposed to be used for resources and EAL specialist teachers.


Any information will be gladly received.



Thank you

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The type of setting i.e. - school, private day nursery, children’s centre………private day nursery……………………………..


Area of setting -…………close to city center……………


How many children with EAL do you have in your setting/ Class /school (%)?


State what languages the children speak?

Bulgarian, Dutch, Arabic, French,

ihave also supported a child from Russia

Do you receive any grants such as the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant (EMAG)?


Do you have any EAL or EMA specialist teachers? If not who is responsible for EAL teaching?


Do you have any bilingual staff?

Yes, french

Are children EAL children included in the mainstream classroom or withdrawn for lessons in English?


What training is available for EAL teachers and assistants?

None that I know of

What opportunities are there for continuous professional development?

Lots through ASK Advisory service kent

How are children with EAL assessed? In which language?


all parents want their children to speak English in setting and promote this as they want them to be on their way to using English when they go to school.

Do the children study other languages, such as their home language as part of the curriculum?

We have books, learning songs in other languages to celebrate festivals etc

Do you think there may be barriers for learning with children with EAL? If so what are the barriers?

At the beginning getting to know the child their likes and dislikes

How can these barriers be removed?

At nursery I feel that the key-person approach supports individual children’s needs and in building an attachment with the child. To provide security and to build communication through facial expressions and body signals just as you would with a baby. The children are learning through play which also helps the EAL child.

How do you identify if a EAL child has Special Education Needs (SEN) regarding speech impairments?

Speaking with the parents if they have noticed any speech impairments in the home language.



dear Raquel sorry did know how to attatch questionnaire so did it this way. perhaps thats why i haven't had many replies to my questionnaire. i have lots of stuff around this subject as i wrote 5000 words for one my essays which was a case study in my BA. feel free to ask any questions


ive got less than 2 weeks to complete my dissetation on transition to school ive nearly bitten all my nails in panic attacks hoping its going to be ok



ps good luck

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