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Hi, im doing the fd in early years and just looking at my next options which are

K204 Working with children and families

ED 209 Child development

U212, i must say the thought of an exam fills me with dread,

are they really that bad

any advice would be gratefully received


Gill x

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I have done e123 and 124 although have to re do 124 as i failed. I have started E115 last october. I am about to start 30 point inclusive practice then when doing las course cant remember number i will do another 30 point course maths and science. sorry to be so vague thinking off the top of my head. I looked at child dev but sounded too much especially with exam.


hope this helps a little. it certainly is a mind field.



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Hi Gillie5

I completed the 'Working with Children and Families' course a few years ago and really enjoyed it. The course content/materials were very good and you get loads of support for the exam. This include areas to be covered by the exam questions. I found that focussing on 4 or 5 (I think there were 3 questions) I felt confident that I would probably be able to produce enough O.K. essays to get a pass.

So, for revision I 'mind-mapped' the chosen topics, i.e. key areas, a couple of quotes for each, any laws etc. linked to the topic, relevant dates when things changed, were introduced etc.

It may be that I did o.k as it was an area I was really interested in and that's something I would definately say think about when decicding which course to do. I f you find it interesting then the reading, research etc. will be much easier.

This is my first post - thought it was time to put something back - so I hope it is o.k.!!!!!

Good luck with your studies

Gail xxxxx

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