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I need to revamp my KUW area in the classroom as the children are just not interested in it anymore. I was hoping you lovely poeple could tell me what resources you have in your KUW area and the types of activities you have out in CIP?

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Hi, read your message and didn't want to cut and run, but can't really help as we don't have a KUW area!!


We have an ICT ish type area, where the computer, printer scannner thing, the beebots, digital microscope and digital photo frame sit, which is as near as we could get it to the white board (due to a window!!) We have a folder full of emails from various folks in various places in the world, and when its not broke the globe is in that general area too.


However our materials to investigate are in the free access drawers in another part of the nursery along with ribbon, etc for creative work........................ magnifying glasses, insect boxes etc are all together in a clear accessible drawer and near to that are the torches...........


Tools aand building things are in various places too.............


I think maybe I would find it too prescriptive having specific areas............. and then theres so much overlap and so much cross curricula work I don't think it would suit us to have an area for this specifically!


So sorry not terrible helpful at all!!!!!! :o

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