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Hi everyone, I know this is an odd question as the whole point of PDR is that it is not structured and the children follow thier own interests. At the moment I am doing a topic on superheroes to encourage boys in particular to write.

I put out activities such as - superhero pictures for children to write on, and superhero with speech bubbles, superhero maths - how much does the superhero cost and can you find a way to pay for him with the coins, coin stampers, superhero comics to read, superhero numbers to order, playdough to make superheroes with, paint, resources to make superhero houses / dens...


But inevitably, thier are children who choose to just play with the cars - and do so every afternoon, or other things from the continuous provision.


How are you all ensuring learning is taking place and by all children every session?


Do you identify any learning intentions on PDR planning?


I really look forward to hearing how others have found solutions to these problems.



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We do 2 Focus task per week (nursery and reception) every child must do these and they are topic related. This is the "work"


If you have completed these with every child perhaps you just need to make sure the continuous provision -

sand, water, small world etc is related to the task.


Construction - perhaps challenge them to build a ladder etc to rescue princess at top of the tower, the cars perhaps use emergency vehicles "real heroes"


Encourage learning through these... if they are playing with the cars prehaps say "wow can we draw a town on cardboard/papaer and work out the fastest way to the emegenecy Super Hereos need to be super quick"


It's all about the adult interaction :)


I'll have another think :)


Katie x

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