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Please can you help? In about a weeks time I am being observed in Maths, the focus is VAK, differentiation and impact.

My class has a wide range of ability ranging from those who can recite number bonds to 5 and those chn who can't recognise numbers to 5. I have been doing lots of adding recently so think it is a good idea to stick with this but I just wanted to see if anyone has got any inspirational ideas which will impress......I am only new to the EYFS and so want to do well.......how can i cater for all learning styles and make sure i am reaching all ability levels......my observation is at 9 so i want to do a mental starter and input then of course i need to think about what i can put in the areas that the children can independently initiate??

Thank you

A stressed Sarah

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You could do some counting with musical instruments - count the drum beats, or count objects being dropped in a pot by listening - there's some auditory work for a mental starter!


Kinaesthetic - you could do some active counting - jump five times, hop 3 times, clap 4 times etc.


Not great ideas but didn't want to read and not reply!

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