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I am currently in the process of developing our outdoor area and suggested to our head maybe the eco club would like to help and she was so keen she arranged for them to meet me at lunch tomorrow!


Does anybody have any ideas of what I can do with them?


I thought of maybe reusing milk cartons to plant flowers (as that is recycling)


decorating CDs to hang in trees (again recycling)


I am in the process of making a nature area and I do have some raised beds and maybe they could plant some bulbs?


Please please PLEASE if you have any ideas plz share :D xx

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Definitely composting - fruit, veg peelings, stuff from any gardens you have, newspaper, etc.


Also maybe a wormery as you can put all different kinds of food in that, including cooked food.


We've also made wind chimes from old cutlery, that was fun!

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Hi ya


We have been running an eco club for 3 years now since we become recognised as an eco school. Recently our team organised and ran an eco week including creating an eco song for the whole school. We have the usual things such as gardens for each class, recycling, composting, a weekly award (green light bulb) for the class that uses less waste and energy-the eco team check classrooms/bins each morning play! We fund raise for various charities and school based needs such as a new composter. We get involved with Fair trade week and thus only use fair trade tea etc in staff room. We keep goats, have solar panels and use all our garden produce in the school kitchen. We have also sold produce at local farmers market. Our eco team have to apply for the job (2 children per year group) and they wear green t-shirts and sweatshirts. It is a big shift in thinking but worthwhile.


Good luck


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