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Hi, I would like some advice on Nanny Jobs. Recently a few members of my staff have got new jobs as nannies. This has caused quite a bit of upset due to the families being families of the nurseries. I can understand that the families are just looking out for themselves as with 2/3 children they are saving money by employing these young staff. My concerns are that these families have not asked for any references and both girls involved have disciplinary on their files with one being quite a serious leading to a final written warning. I am aware that my ex staff are getting registered with Ofstead but does anyone know how this works? Will Ofsted contact us for a reference? I’m just concerned for the children that are in their care due to their disciplinary’s and I feel the parents have a right to know even though I know I can’t tell them due to confidentiality. Can anyone give my any advice on this?


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If you are concerned I would contact the Day nursery association, local early years or Ofsted to gain advice and show your worries about this, but only if you have genuine reasons like you say. It could be taken as sour grapes under the circumstances but the welfare of the children they are now caring for is paramount and should be your first concern here.


I hope this helps someone else may be able to advice better. Good luck



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I can't really offer you much advice. I am currently working as a nanny in a job that I love but it is absolutley shocking that noone seems to pay any attention to nannies. My employer did ask for a CRB but other than that noone does any checks on you. There doesn't seem to be any checks on you. I have set up a planning and assessment procedure for the children in my care but can't even get on any of the local training courses as a nanny. You can of course regisiter with ofsted but as its not compusery and quite expensive there is no incentive there to do it. Many people want their nannies to be registered so they can get tax relief with their childcare costs. I should imagine that if your ex staff are being cleared with Ofsted then they will contact you for a reference but even with the information you supply I'm sure that the decision will lie with the employers.


Sorry i'm sure that didn't help at all :o



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