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My Headteacher has asked me to post on here about the format that other schools use for lesson observations. My HT is currently undertaking performance management observations and when she has been to observe me in YR we both struggled to use the Ofsted format to grade my lesson as it did not relate to the FS at all.


We have asked our SIP for advice but she hasn't had any suggestions.


Please could you let me know the format that your school uses to observe FS teachers.


Thank you!

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Kerry


When the Ht is about to do observations she tells the staff at a staff meeting what she is looking for/the focus of the observation eg how boys are engaging in their learning,evidence of VAK in lessons,...or a subject


We all then know what she will be focusing on and make sure wehave it covered!


My Ht tends to write the focus at the top of the sheet and then writes down all she sees when she spends the session with my class.


I had a student last year and the lesson observation forms (SCITT)were a nightmare to fill in as the early years as you say does not fall easy into a 'lesson plan'.I would informally chose areas to focus on eg,behaviour in the clasroom, timings movement between different activities,coverage of the 6 areas of learning...When I had to do formal observations I would write everything down on paper and then fill in the boxes later using my notes.The problem being we cover everything under lots of different headings in the early years!



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Thanks for the quick reply Tinkerbell,


I was actually looking for a list of statements for us to be graded by to determine the strength of the lesson i.e. good, satisfactory etc.


the one we used has these statements but none of them relate to FS at all!

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