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I am currently a deputy manager for a childrens centre nursery and we have an Ofsted looming!! Wondered if anyone can help, i have been asked to write a list of all the documents which need to be in place for our Ofsted inspection.


I know some of the documents which we need in the nursery : Policies and Procedures, Risk Assessments (Health & Safety) Safeguarding, Operational Plan. Is there any more??


Any help would be great

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we are in the same boat its been 2 years so who knows when they might approach?


Ive been trying to make sure Ive got all the documents to hand

we have four main folders


1)operational plan which contains all the settings policies and proceedures

2)planning folder that explains all our planning and Keygroups stuff

3)Staff folder with all recruitment and staff details

and the favourite folder(tongue in cheek!)

4)SEF! I know they will want to see that! ive not yet got to putting it online as its such a work in progress but its there for ofsted to see when they come


additional things to show Ofsted would be

examples of the childrens work and their learning journey

photo albums

comments book from parents


dont panic if you know theres things that need doing, rather than running around trying to get everything done "just in case they come tomorrow" write it all out in an action plan and do each task in a planned time frame it will ensure you do things properly rather than rushed and Ofsted will see evidence that you reflect and review the practice in the setting.


I dont know if this was the kind of list of stuff you where asking about but that the stuff we've got available to show ofsted

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Thanks that's great. Need to start writing an action list now then!! Feel like i am doing the managers job, but been asked by the top person in our organisation to get it sorted.

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