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Tricky Cll Lesson -anyone Got Any Ideas?


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I am an NQT working in a part time job share reception class. My job share partner is a very experienced and talented reception teacher with a fantastic manner with the children. She is also my induction tutor.


I am being observed as part of my induction soon and am thinking of ideas for a CLL lesson on list writing. I am a bit worried because my approach is a little different to my job share partner's and I feel I really need ownership of the lesson to do my best for the observation - which means I really need to think up something myself rather than do the planned activity, which was not planned by me.


Has anyone got any ideas?


As an NQT I have not seen lots and lots of EY practice and am very open to suggestions and ideas, in both of my EY placements when training the schools encouraged the children to write independently. In this school they use under/over/copy writing which I've never done before and I am not really sure whether I am doing the right thing with it.





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What about 'The Tiger who came to tea' - first do a brief drama about the tiger coming for tea - hot seat the tiger, asking him what he likes to eat. Children in role can write a list of the food he likes. As for the writing strategy your school uses, I guess they will want you to do what they do and what you usually do. I however, encourage the children to write independently drawing on their phonic knowledge.


Good luck! I was an NQT last year and work alongside an experienced teacher who had different ideas to me so sympathise! x

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I’m coming from a nursery point of view but what about using a story such as "going on a bear hunt". There is a great power point presentation on the tes site that you can print of and use as a story picture book. You could use this and list all the descriptive of the grass, mud etc. You can also get the children list what they would need to go on a bear hunt and how they would feel in a dark cave. here is the link but you need to be a member and membership is free and there is lots of other ideas, lesson plans etc. I hope this is of some help.



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