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I have heard floor book mentioned in various places, but have not used them.


Is anyone able to explain them to me, and to talk about how you use them. It might be somthing I would like to try if I can get to grips with how they work!


Many thanks



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Hi there

Floorbooks are used as a starting point for children's planning whether this be one-offs or sustained projects over a long period.

We had Mindstretchers in last year to lead a floorbook training day with our Foundation Staff. You can find out more about them here



We have taken the trainging on board but have made it fit our routines and needs rather than following the concept to the letter. Each Friday the children have a planning meeting. They review the week's events/learning through the use of a large digital photo frame that is in each group. Photos of the children in action to allow them to recount and reflect on their learning. We then set about plannign from these experiences what they would like to do next which is then put into the weekly planning for the following week.


Some settings would use floorbooks to follow themes and projects through. E.g. one whole floorbook might be dedicated to a theme that the children have set upon whereas ours is simply a way of recording the thoughts, feelings and ideas to be acted upon.

The children take complete ownership of the book, designing and decorating the front cover and in the writing each week of what they want to do- all have a voice and all make their mark. It is also a great way to track and show writing development!


We make our own but you can buy commercial versions which are of course very expensive!

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