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We have a light box in our nusery. It is large, glass topped and needs to be pugged in to mains electricity. Does anyone have any better ideas than the one it came with - leave it out with stones on top! :o

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Guest alisonjayne

Never used one, but would love to :) . Reggio Emillia approach like this type of thing you can punch holes into Black sugar paper and put on top, children could put holes in using pencil tips. different coloured cellephanes place ontop of each other are effective and helps with understanding colour mixing.

There are some more I will try to look them up later :D


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Hi chestnut

lucky you I'd love a light box, I haven't got one to know if these ideas work well and some may require a lot of supervision, but here goes anyway.

-leaves new spring leaves will be beautiful when they come out. For now house plants or leaf skeletons (from craft shops and lakeland plastics)

- flowers

-shells, should give interesting patterns and some will be transluscent.

-marbles, dark colours that look black normally but glow deepred, blue or green should be interesting.

-coloured beads transparent and opaque

-sweet papers or coloured cellophanes and gells

-bubblewrap and plastic packaging will let through in a variety of ways

-most school catalogues sell a variety of maths materials for use on over head projectors which should be fun to manipulate and play with.

- i think small world figures could have another dimension added to them lit from below

Hope these are useful, I'm sure your children will find lots of intesting things to put on the table given the chance.

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If it's easy to wipe clean??


If so you could try colour mixing!!


We do it on a table covered with a binbag. But light shining through would add a whole new dimension.


Squirt a couple of colours onto the top of the table. Encourage the children to feel the paint, mix the paint, draw pictures, write their name etc. Would they like to take a print, provide paper (pop on top and give a gentle rub) The children we do it with are amaazed at how their name/picture comes out as a mirror image!!


I would love one, maybe in my new job!!!



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